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Dear all,

As 2016 starts, I hope you all have had a tremendous time to spend with family and loved ones over Christmas and New Year.

At the end of last year I met some people that has the will, potential, know-how and the proven track record to execute my latest Project.

After several meetings and long discussions we have all concluded that we will get started and get it done.

I have had one previously encounter in the same segment but didn't feel that we all went the same way and had the same vision and goal.

This time I feel exactly that, all involved in this have the same vision and the same end goal. It will be a project were we all hope to produce a product that are phenomenal and also have a strong and powerful message to a lot of people. Every kid, teenager and parent or just human being with the basic interest of understanding of the not so common.

The task at hand is great, I wouldn't say greater or crazier than travelling alone and participating at the Isle Of Man real Road Race event, but for sure a lot more different than anything else I have ever done.

We are building the structure for this as we speak, and its quite a structure to build and nurse over the course, and in all honesty its not sure we will come full cycle (so big is the vastness of this project but we all will make our outmost to make it the success it deserves.

So please bear with us and more information will follow.

All the very best and take care.